The more precisely

The more precisely When skills accurately to Oprah delena, the plan of action is easier to create.

For example, if child scattered, it can mean that it forgetful or unorganized, not constant or distracting.

For each of such problems is the decision.

The more precisely we will describe it, the is higher the probability of that we will find strategy of its elimination.

The scheme to which we as a result came, includes skills Reaction delay.

Working memory.

Management of emotions.

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Having read

Having read In the first paragraph has to be a varnish nichno it is described about what there will be a work.

For example, in the report on aardvarka the introductory paragraph could be such This report is devoted to a strange animal who is called aardvark.

Having read it, you learn how they look where live, that eat, who their enemies and as they protect themselves.

One more function of the introductory paragraph to draw attention chi tatel to give him interesting information to provoke his Ljubo pytstvo.

For example, to the paragraph given above it would be possible to to bavit two such offers The reader also learns about a word meaning аардварк and about that, from whom language it came.

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So you will

So you will So you will play with the kid the first game in words at first ask to tell onethree familiar words, then add one idle time, but never the word which is not said by the kid.

As a rule, kid automatically povto rit it for you.

And then after several games, he having understood sense of this word, will start using actively it in the speech.

I WITH AND M 'f Call and show to the kid of part of his body nose, mouth, ears, fingers, elbows, knees, heels and so yes To Lea.

When he remembers everything, ask, where at him but sik, ears and all the rest.

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But the most

But the most Let races thetas carelessly while there is time.

But the most sad, what exactly such children to whom tried to create schast the left childhood, then suffer at school spend many forces for assimilation of mother it is scarlet, but thus cannot brag of brilliant results.

There is also other situation.

Mother, even in pregnancy, having read a miscellaneous sorts of books, tries to train since the birth the child to everything on light.


to zyvat to it cards with words, pictures, to speak with it on twothree yaza ka.

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He grabbed

He grabbed Mom said, I uslugi, Wash plates, sister lay, Wood for the stove Nikoli, my son, And cock stuffed the castle.

Sister, plates, cock and wood.

Michaniki only one head.

He grabbed his sister and locked in a shed, Said, Here on the perch quietly play.

The firewood he diligently washed with boiling water, Four plates smashed with a hammer, But how long had with a cock fight Did not want it to go to bed!

Birds fly, Cats run away, Go out into the yard afraid From home neighbors I learn to ride By bike!

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