Time I brought

Time I brought So it we both left, and arrived correctly.

A trinket the dagger could satisfy the child, which it was punished, but not the living child, which all pleasure in activity, in work.

Time I brought with itself into other Children's home the familiar lady.

It could not be extolled by children, and, having opened the casket brought with itself, showed them some brilliant copper medals on brightly red ribbons.

The teacher, she added will hang up these medals on a breast to those children, which will be obedient.

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Do not rinse

Do not rinse First aid Give your child activated carbon from to tablets depending on ageBali stomach Poite it with water at room temperature , that if you don't get dehydrated.

If the child vomits, wash his stomach.

To do this, give drink liter of water, and then challenge Vite vomiting.

Do not rinse the stomach solution potassium permanganate or soda , so this will cause additional irritation and only increase the pain.

After each watery stool let's child ku drink solution regidrona from vomiting and diarrhea body loses mineral substances , therefore, they must be replaced.

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However, the wizard

However, the wizard But themselves and sculptors I noticed.

Our eyes snow block turns into a white miedwie Dublin core.

However, the wizard will continue to work.

But he's ready surprised granddaughter, like Ms.


Why don't they leave?

First of all, says Kirill, it gives them pleasure as a consequence, and secondly, they want to do!

A real master is always striving for perfection!

under confirm I.

The real master is always striving to perfection.

Smart walks So Alekhina YOU WILL BECOME RICH!

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Having followed

Having followed Over time requirements will grow therefore parents decided that it is time to deal with this problem.

Having followed the example of the teacher, they pogovo to Rila Planina with the son about time of the beginning of performance of two duties cleaning from a table and collecting of toys.

They promised that Jack will be able to call reasonably, how much time you need for it prior to work, and from several options will choose the best.

Jack chose the timer, red tsi ferblat which turned pale, showing, what is the time remained.

They to were told about five minutes before cleaning from a table and ten minutes pe red collecting toys.

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Each of five

Each of five We began with comparison of vowels and here too used hands for check re zultat of our experiences.

Each of five fingers was made a symbol of one of five vowels.

So, the thumb representing And, had to rise every time when it was said this sound; the forefinger meant E, a middle finger And etc.


Not without effort and it managed to me to give to the pupil a distinct idea of vowels not soon.

The first, the sound clearly acquired by it, was Oh, it followed And, three others presented much more difficulties, and long time it confused them.

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