When water

When water The last excite secretion of a pancreas glands also stimulate an intestines vermicular movement.

Coffee acorn Coffee acorn h.

a spoon, milk glasses, water glasses, sugar h.


To pour acorn coffee into ware with the boiling water and to stir.

When water with coffee will begin to boil.

to remove from fire and to allow to be defended.

Then to merge coffee broth through gauze or small sieve in a pan with hot milk then to add h.

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Sum sum sum, on bushes

Sum sum sum, on bushes Following the adults speak again true chistogovorki.

WL WL WL, climb a fence cannot.

WL WL WL, strawberries have not.

Say of SAI of say, we visited the Museum.

Say of SAI of say, do not like going to a Museum.

Sum sum sum, on bushes growing raisins.

Sum sum sum, the shop raisins.

SIMA SIMA SIMA, in the winter day was cold Kuzma.

SIMA SIMA SIMA, on a summer day was cold Kuzma.

Zin Zin Zin, mom walks into the store.

Zin Zin Zin, zebras go to the store.

Green, green, green, became horned my goat.

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Listen pairs

Listen pairs THE SECOND STAGE THE DISTINCTION OF THE SOUNDS OF W IN THE OFFERS AND COHERENT SPEECH Differentiation of sounds W, compiled by reference to the words Take pictures of the boy and girl from Annex .

Give them names with sounds Ze W Zahar, Angela, Zhenya, Zoe, Zara and other.

Listen pairs of words and make them the proposals.

For example George entered the room and shook hands with his friend Zachary.

Hall shook.

Carry will tell.

Goat stozhok.

Chewed yawned.

PAL peephole.

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Have to be the main

Have to be the main Control of food, amount of the drunk liquid is exercised, weight curve, chair.

At a hypotrophy of the I degree the volume of food is reduced on ?


from due volume on day.

At a hypotrophy II and III degrees to ?

from due volume for days.

The missing quantity of food is replaced with % solution glucose.

Have to be the main food or women's milk, or the adapted dairy mixes.

After the period of adaptation of children transfer to food with protein content to gkg, carbohydrates to gkg, fats , gkg of the actual weight.

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Perhaps, you remember

Perhaps, you remember Before being indignant concerning actions of the child, remind to yourself that you in the childhood had similar difficulties, and still you as that managed to mature.

Tell yourself that at the child too everything can turn out, despite failure of system.

Perhaps, you remember some history from the childhood and will tell it to the child.

Here, for example, Peg's history I remember how mother told that brothers literally dragged it to the grandmother when that read up to them Genzel and Gretel .

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