But there

But there In the early childhood if the chestvo of synapses is much more, than at adult age about A G a lava .

Why the capable child such scattered?

one quadrillion.

If development of gray substance proceeded in such speed, the brain of the adult would be enormous.

But there is the return about tsess.

Increase in volume of gray substance neurons and especially Sinop owls the neuron reaches peak before five years of the child, and then number ny communications it is gradually reduced.

Thanks to gradual reduction of number not used by it ronny communications intellectual skills become stronger.

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From a pipette

From a pipette Not urgent assistance is not required , except high fever in infants and severe pain with draining pus.

What to do before the arrival of the doctor Bury the child's ear warm alcohol solution % boric acid times in day.

Lower the pipette in a glass of hot water on a few seconds then quickly dial heated pipette boric acid.

From a pipette it warm.

Place the child on his side and drip into the ear drops of solution depending on age.

Put your ear compress with camphor oil for hours, it is better to sleep .

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What to do with

What to do with Possibly, it has problems with working memory.

If apple of discord between you and the daughter her untidy room and to you seems that it always ro it etsyatsya in the backpack in search of missing notebooks or textbooks, most likely, it difficult is given selforganization.

What to do with weaknesses?

In part III we in detail to a razba rhemes also we will tell each organizational skill about work strategy with them.

Perhaps, you will want to pass to heads where describe at once sya weaknesses especially if at you are difficulties with zaderzh which reactions see chapter .

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Under mount

Under mount Ponravit been rhyming sauce.

In motley jacket muhomor gets out into the open.

In the garden Yegor two red tomato.

All beavers good, Yes good so far.

Past the old courtyard was held tractor.

So Tamara go a couple, orderlies so Tamara.

Don't be scared, take it easy, it's just a Sparrow.

Rhino horn butt, do not vex Rhino.

Under mount Ararat grows large grapes.

Asks Sparrow crow call of the tiger to the phone.

Sooner sooner we get up, loud mom we call.

Early, early, early in the morning my hands I under the tap.

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Only seeing

Only seeing .

Scheme of fairy story Alenka was afraid of the dark.

Stayed at home on the night of the Willow nochkoy.

Everywhere burning light.

Ivanushka was wounded with a knife, Alyonushka frightened, she ran across the field after doctor.

Only seeing doctors back, noticed that it is not afraid of the dark.

The principle of the solution Ousted another fear.


For some smaller.


Scheme of fairy story Mom left the boy a chicken one night.

He who was mutilla, dressed, and went to tell my grandmother.

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