To grease

To grease On the middle of forcemeat to put small cut eggs and to strew them with green onions, from above a thin layer to lay fried carrots.

Then to zashchipnut roll, having connected edges of a towel, and to shift roll seam down on the frying pan oiled.

To grease roll with the sour cream pounded with egg and butter to pin in several places a fork, that not cracked.

To add to a frying pan of a little hot water and to put in an oven for minutes, watering with hot water from a frying pan from time to time.

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Even when

Even when Having struck in one of hand bells in the first row, the child has to find the corresponding sound in the second row.

This exercise presents a great difficulty as the child is not able to strike always with by identical force and to make the sounds varying in force.

Even when the teacher strikes hammer, children hardly find a difference in a sound.

It seems to us that this tool in the to external form it is hardly especially practical.

We apply Pizzoliyeva to recognition of sounds a series of whistles; for recognition shades of noise the boxes filled with substances more or less small from sand undertake to pebble.

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Reduce complexity

Reduce complexity It is possible to explain to the child that from him expected and as to achieve it.

For example, photograph the end result a pure bedroom, the nursery, etc.

together to compare its work to the photo.

Teenagers for the organization of tasks or the planning to a vra to exchange can already use pocket personal kompyyu shooting gallery.

Reduce complexity of activity or an event.

Children, which it is heavy to operate emotions, flexibility or a delay reak tion, quite often suffer in difficult social situations, napr measures with participation of many people or indistinct rules.

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Can the same

Can the same And the kid also want to have a house is a small and cosy.

With place the chairs and fling the top cover.

Can the same house to arrange under the low table.

Play with the baby in the tag.

As soon as the baby you get in the house and say, one, two, three!

, you progra Lee.

Game develops imagination and creates good at structure.

Bunny and cabbage The baby is becoming more independent, and thus cheat, you can give him complete freedom in stanyovci.

Read the poem, and that kid who invented no need movement.

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In my method

In my method And really, time the child himself brings up himself, and control and the amendment are given in a didakticha sky material, the teacher needs only to observe.

Now it already more psychologist, than teacher, and here proof of importance of scientific training of the teacher.

In my method the teacher teaches a little and observes much.

Its main task on pravlyat mental activity of children and their physiological development.

For this reason I the head mistress, the conductress replaced the name teacher with the word.

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