· What lies

· What lies · What lies in his bag?


· How best to attach birdhouses for the trees?

· What kind of house brought two boys?

· Why did the boy, standing on the stairs, shows on the tree?

· He could be confused hive?

· What the hive?

· Hang whether its on the tree?


· What the boy on the stairs can ask children?

· What two boys can tell a man the first time sees the hive?

INAPPROPRIATE ITEMS To think and to explain what should be in the room and what not.

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But that

But that In each of them she had seen his own otra a provision.

Where are you from above poured divine music, and Zhem cugina started to dance with her charming the mistress.

But that was not all on the front of it was waiting for a cascade with such events dinners and suppers, travel, and finally, sea walks on the yacht!

What is elegant and beautiful life!

glad Pearl.

Then I knowingly risked then, no wonder so many have suffered!

After hearing the story, Yaki raised a poster with the inscription I am for a rich man!

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You can start

You can start For fairy tales should be some reasonable basis.

You can start the tale words one of my friend de wacky on the window sill stood exactly the same flower.

, I have a friend of a storyteller who invented the continuation of the tale Ki such as puss in boots.

or this morning I saw on TV.

Then tells the story or content transfer, you kind of looked morning.

If the tale is told confidentially, relaxed and it had were reasonable grounds that the child will listen, that is, just as we would like.


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Stargazer Who are you?

I asked.

Stargazer with Capricious planet before was asked the old man.

Stargazer with Capricious planet?

I was surprised and felt like my a momentary chill.

What do you doing here?

Looking for a someone who is capricious, tiredly said the astrologer and asked, don't know if I where in our city live naughty girls and boys.

Of course, I immediately thought of one girl, but was not to talk about the Astrologer.

Instead asked why he is looking for naughty children.

Stargazer sighed loudly and began his story High high in the sky for big and bright stars rotates small planet.

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Burns, second

Burns, second The wound may be washed with a solution furatsilina.

Burns, second and third degree .

Calm and cheer your child .

Remove or cut clothes , so as not from the to dirt stuck tissue from a wound.

Make sure the airway child free, check his breathing and krooom treatment.

If necessary, make art the divine breath , heart lung, reani the information or stop the bleeding.

If the child has received extensive burns , about believe it if it's got a shock .

In this case, Oka zweite shock set it and legs up to the height of to cm; if you suspect a head injury , neck, back or leg , just lay the baby on more convenient.

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