Teenager Also here belong selfchecking and on selfassessment vyk for example, by means of questions to itself As I consult?

or As I am a spra curled?

The small child can from to menit behavior in response to re action of the adult.

Teenager spo soben to trace and critically to estimate the progress, to improve results, watching those who reached bigger in this sphere It becomes visible when the child starts going.

Flexibility look on in reaction of the child to changes also appears between m and m me syaets of life.

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In the sky the clouds! The wind

In the sky the clouds! The wind What are you, the wind, have done?

Angry, came running, What are you in the sky made?

Clouds mixed.

From curly clouds Where the pictures?

Where the river?

Made of fish, cows, elephants.

In the sky the clouds!

The wind can be seen, not heard, The wind out of patience left, the Sun across the sky walked, The sun in the lake dropped, Whispered it is time to Sleep!

And gone until the morning.

Differentiation of sounds L L P R in riddles Listen and guess riddles.

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Turn out preparation

Turn out preparation Sew are quite thick mi threads that kept more strong.

From dense fabric find two rectangles of an odin the kovy size has to be located on a rectangle with SI luet firtrees.

To one of them tack a firtree wrong side to the person fabrics also pristrochit a zigzag on edge a firtree.

The second prya mougolnik apply the face to the face firtrees, combining edges of rectangular details.

Sostrochite three seam lateral and lower.

Turn out preparation on the front party.

At you has to a certain similarity of a bag with a neosconce will turn out botanny upper edge and firtree in front.

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Parents At first parents reminded Jack of tasks, you giving the timer.

He wanted to trace independently time before performance tasks.

Parents agreed.

As additional incentive for that, that Jack within five days will start performance in time for tributes, he will receive a bonus and can refuse one of tasks per day.

If he does not get to work within two minutes after a signal thaw measure, he will have to postpone all affairs, will not perform a task yet.

At first parents sometimes reminded the boy that it is time to begin work, time the timer rang out.

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When children

When children I do not want to tell that it is not necessary for fryobelevsky materials at all to use no, both of these systems have to intertwine between themselves with gradual transition from free individual application of subjects of Montessori besides use sort large fryobelevsky gifts especially the second, third and fourth.

When children are are prepared for it, it is possible to begin more formal work with gifts.

In the second year work with fryobelevsky gifts has to prevail, but also Montessori's exercises are not excluded absolutely.

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