I would be happy

I would be happy I would be happy if they were able to convince the parents that the children need are friends and allies that they, as the air needed our love, understanding and acceptance that each child is unique, is a full person and deserves the best.

And I will be happy if now my young colleagues psycho logs, working with children will speak with me this prayer Teach Me, O Lord, stay calm at the event, I can give me the strength to intervene in the event, I subservient, and the wisdom to know how to distinguish the one from the other.

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Jake, in the upset

Jake, in the upset in a panic he asks the father with charge of a voice.

Not in SI la to constrain irritation and to keep silent, the father with sarcasm declares that, probably, put on them work.

Jake, in the upset feelings, speaks The trainer will kill me.

I will not be able to play today.

The father says to it that Chapter .

Improvement of working memory they will try to think up something.

Before game the trainer is dissatisfied Jake also says that that will not be able to participate in a match.

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He is big, Krasi

He is big, Krasi Are you going to kindergarten wash, do exercises, Breakfast, and then suddenly you see on the clock, it was time to go, and start to rush.

Then run to not late in the kindergarten classes.

You're on the beach you are building a sand castle.

He is big, Krasi new, unusual.

Suddenly rolls huge wave and wash your castle.

You terribly upset.

You rush in mo re quickly and quickly drift away from the shore.

Soon you uspos taivaassa, turn back and return to shore.

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To lay out stuffings

To lay out stuffings a spoon, milk tablespoon, green onions, salt to taste.

To stir eggs with milk and salt.

To kindle oil, to pour out mix and to give to be baked.

To strew with green onions.

Omelet with a stuffing Egg pieces, milk glass, a flour glasses, oil h.


Stuffing vegetables, meat, sausage, cheese, cottage cheese, fruit, jam.

To prepare an omelet.

To lay out stuffings and to turn a tubule or a triangle.

If prepare an omelet with a sweet stuffing, add to it a little sugar.

Omelet with a nettle Egg piece, nettle leaves g, water g, vegetable oil g.

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In the present

In the present In recent years the number of children with the lowered continues to increase intelligence.

In the world, according to the World Health Organization WHO, about % children aged from till years have this or that degree of the intellectual backwardness.

From them million suffer from deep intellectual backwardness.

In the present a number of states which form high risk is defined developments of intellectual insufficiency.

Treat them asphyxia asthma and a trauma in childbirth; neuroinfection; giperbilirubinemiya of newborns; insufficient receipt with food of protein, vitamins, irreplaceable essentsialny microcells; social deprivation deprivation of parental care, caress.

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