Consolidation Consolidation pronunciation sound CAMPING at the beginning, middle and end the words.

The formation of skills of a sound analysis Display images from Annex .

Clearly, highlighting the sound CAMPING, tell everyone object to times.

If the image is named correctly, set it aside.

Pictures, named errors, putting the stack.

Again pronounce the words clearly and loudly to times.

Consolidation pronunciation sound CAMPING in words various syllabic structure.

The formation of skills sound syllabic analysis Display images from Annex and syllabic trailers of Annex .

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The most

The most Surely the vegetables, fruit and berries containing food fibers join cellulose which slow down assimilation in an organism of simple carbohydrates, reducing glycemic index, as a result the content of glucose of blood after their reception changes slightly.

The assessment is developed for simplification of selection of products by drawing up a diet on carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

The most important is the assessment of structure products on carbohydrates.

For convenience the amount of carbohydrates is measured in highcalorie equivalents the grain units GU.

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Game develops

Game develops Show pussy.

On Casali?

What a clever!

Very soon the child to the questions says kitty dog, mouse?

will answer with pleasure.

Game develops thinking, coordination, speech.

From year to eighteen months Ku ku!

Play with the baby in hide and seek.

Cover your face hand mi, and then open and say, Ku ku!

Can Zack to dig a face towel.

The baby will also like it if you can hide behind the Cabinet, and then look over there and tell already on understandable him Ku ku!

Close to the baby's face with his hands, and then from croute Ku ku!

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He tool did not get. GOOD

He tool did not get. GOOD Last on the scene was a man in a black coat and turned back to the audience.

He was looking for musicians and suddenly began waving his arms.

He turned to her sister and whispered Dublin core a day or angry.

He tool did not get.

GOOD LEOPARD On the way to the circus Rabbit stood and wept aloud.

Walked past the old Leo pard and asks Who upset you, Arctic?

Little rabbit, weeping, said, I am the ticket is lost.

And angry Crow does not let me.

Old Leopard thought.

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At the beginning

At the beginning All winter he asked parents to buy it a snowboard, but not a usual board, but professional, the most expensive.


We LAY the STRONG FOUNDATION When Logan only passed into middle classes, his parents began bespo to koitsya about its relation to school.

They are afraid that it is indifferent to study, despite the progress and desire to get to higher education institution therefore decide that is necessary to give it motivation.

At the beginning of the eighth class they decide to talk with sy number about the fears.

They understand Logan the active guy, which does not like to sit over textbooks.

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