A From the point

A From the point a From the point of view of acquisition of the modern language having huge social value on to comparison with articulate language of the savage; this cultural value also admits for letters ache the speech in which train at schools regardless of oral speech, only in types of supply the member of society the necessary tool for its intercourses with others.

b From the point of view of communication between the graphic and articulate speech and possibilities of a utiliza to rovat written language for improvement of the oral; this new point I would like podcherk chickpea as it attaches to written language physiological significance.

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Stick the stuck

Stick the stuck Teach the kid slopes to vat sausages and balls.

Stick the stuck together sausages on paper just like that and on the drawn you subject pictures paths and so on, to vleplyayta in the plasticine smeared on a piece of cardboard various small subjects beads, beads, buttons; paper clips; grain and makaronina; sticks, matches; small stones, skorlupk from nuts, other natural material; wire, strings, fabric slices.

Draw on the plasticine smeared on carat I sink, matches, sticks, old a pencil mi.

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Dokorm enter

Dokorm enter DOKORM Dokorm the auxiliary view of food given to the child of the first year of life being on natural breastfeeding at the insufficient amount of the milk developed by chest glands of mother.

In a role dokorma products of a phytogenesis act or specialized dairy mixes most often adapted.

Dokorm enter to the child if mother has an insufficient amount of milk, but not earlier the th day from the moment of statement of the official diagnosis.

Deficiency breast milk gipogalaktiya in relation to daily need of the child it is possible to divide conditionally into degrees as a percentage the st degree %, the nd degree %, the rd degree %, the th degree more than %.

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Consolidation What I would add to the beans?

Salt, salt, salt, salt.

Consolidation pronunciation With sound in words.

The development of memory and logical thinking Display pictures of Annex .

Distribution by groups animals, plants, means of transport, household items, etc.

Look at the pictures from one group and try to remember as many words as possible.

Then turn to the picture back and clearly, highlighting voice sound, call the object from memory.

Consolidation pronunciation With sound in combinations of words with the pretext Take pictures of the boy and girl from Annex .

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Show how to trace

Show how to trace Two and a half to three years Learn to draw Buy or make cardboard templates from path mi friends baby items, for example silhouette mi animals and birds.

Show how to trace the pattern.

When the baby learns to trace a continuous line, PE rejoice to the picture drawn by the dotted line.

Game develops coordination of the movements of the eyes and hands, helps to learn how to draw.

Two and a half to three years mom shopping Before you go with the baby in the store, make the shopping list.

Let the kid suggests that needs but to buy.

Ask him look, look, bread there?

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