He tool did not get. GOOD

He tool did not get. GOOD Last on the scene was a man in a black coat and turned back to the audience.

He was looking for musicians and suddenly began waving his arms.

He turned to her sister and whispered Dublin core a day or angry.

He tool did not get.

GOOD LEOPARD On the way to the circus Rabbit stood and wept aloud.

Walked past the old Leo pard and asks Who upset you, Arctic?

Little rabbit, weeping, said, I am the ticket is lost.

And angry Crow does not let me.

Old Leopard thought.

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At the beginning

At the beginning All winter he asked parents to buy it a snowboard, but not a usual board, but professional, the most expensive.


We LAY the STRONG FOUNDATION When Logan only passed into middle classes, his parents began bespo to koitsya about its relation to school.

They are afraid that it is indifferent to study, despite the progress and desire to get to higher education institution therefore decide that is necessary to give it motivation.

At the beginning of the eighth class they decide to talk with sy number about the fears.

They understand Logan the active guy, which does not like to sit over textbooks.

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A From the point

A From the point a From the point of view of acquisition of the modern language having huge social value on to comparison with articulate language of the savage; this cultural value also admits for letters ache the speech in which train at schools regardless of oral speech, only in types of supply the member of society the necessary tool for its intercourses with others.

b From the point of view of communication between the graphic and articulate speech and possibilities of a utiliza to rovat written language for improvement of the oral; this new point I would like podcherk chickpea as it attaches to written language physiological significance.

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