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The more precisely

When skills accurately to Oprah delena, the plan of action is easier to create.For example, if child scattered, it can mean that it forgetful or unorganized, not constant or distracting.For each of such problems is the decision.The more precisely we will describe it, the is higher the probability of that we will find strategy of its elimination.The scheme to which we as a result came, includes skills Reaction delay.Working memory.Management of emotions.

Having read

In the first paragraph has to be a varnish nichno it is described about what there will be a work.For example, in the report on aardvarka the introductory paragraph could be such This report is devoted to a strange animal who is called aardvark.Having read it, you learn how they look where live, that eat, who their enemies and as they protect themselves.One more function of the introductory paragraph to draw attention chi tatel to give him interesting information to provoke his Ljubo pytstvo.For example, to the paragraph given above it would be possible to to bavit two such offers The reader also learns about a word meaning аардварк and about that, from whom language it came.

So you will

So you will play with the kid the first game in words at first ask to tell onethree familiar words, then add one idle time, but never the word which is not said by the kid.As a rule, kid automatically povto rit it for you.And then after several games, he having understood sense of this word, will start using actively it in the speech.I WITH AND M 'f Call and show to the kid of part of his body nose, mouth, ears, fingers, elbows, knees, heels and so yes To Lea.When he remembers everything, ask, where at him but sik, ears and all the rest.

But the most

Let races thetas carelessly while there is time.But the most sad, what exactly such children to whom tried to create schast the left childhood, then suffer at school spend many forces for assimilation of mother it is scarlet, but thus cannot brag of brilliant results.There is also other situation.Mother, even in pregnancy, having read a miscellaneous sorts of books, tries to train since the birth the child to everything on light.Bye.to zyvat to it cards with words, pictures, to speak with it on twothree yaza ka.

He grabbed

Mom said, I uslugi, Wash plates, sister lay, Wood for the stove Nikoli, my son, And cock stuffed the castle.Sister, plates, cock and wood.Michaniki only one head.He grabbed his sister and locked in a shed, Said, Here on the perch quietly play.The firewood he diligently washed with boiling water, Four plates smashed with a hammer, But how long had with a cock fight Did not want it to go to bed!Birds fly, Cats run away, Go out into the yard afraid From home neighbors I learn to ride By bike!

Time I brought

So it we both left, and arrived correctly.A trinket the dagger could satisfy the child, which it was punished, but not the living child, which all pleasure in activity, in work.Time I brought with itself into other Children's home the familiar lady.It could not be extolled by children, and, having opened the casket brought with itself, showed them some brilliant copper medals on brightly red ribbons.The teacher, she added will hang up these medals on a breast to those children, which will be obedient.

Do not rinse

First aid Give your child activated carbon from to tablets depending on ageBali stomach Poite it with water at room temperature , that if you don't get dehydrated.If the child vomits, wash his stomach.To do this, give drink liter of water, and then challenge Vite vomiting.Do not rinse the stomach solution potassium permanganate or soda , so this will cause additional irritation and only increase the pain.After each watery stool let's child ku drink solution regidrona from vomiting and diarrhea body loses mineral substances , therefore, they must be replaced.

However, the wizard

But themselves and sculptors I noticed.Our eyes snow block turns into a white miedwie Dublin core.However, the wizard will continue to work.But he's ready surprised granddaughter, like Ms.howl!Why don't they leave?First of all, says Kirill, it gives them pleasure as a consequence, and secondly, they want to do!A real master is always striving for perfection!under confirm I.The real master is always striving to perfection.Smart walks So Alekhina YOU WILL BECOME RICH!

Having followed

Over time requirements will grow therefore parents decided that it is time to deal with this problem.Having followed the example of the teacher, they pogovo to Rila Planina with the son about time of the beginning of performance of two duties cleaning from a table and collecting of toys.They promised that Jack will be able to call reasonably, how much time you need for it prior to work, and from several options will choose the best.Jack chose the timer, red tsi ferblat which turned pale, showing, what is the time remained.They to were told about five minutes before cleaning from a table and ten minutes pe red collecting toys.

Each of five

We began with comparison of vowels and here too used hands for check re zultat of our experiences.Each of five fingers was made a symbol of one of five vowels.So, the thumb representing And, had to rise every time when it was said this sound; the forefinger meant E, a middle finger And etc.Y.Not without effort and it managed to me to give to the pupil a distinct idea of vowels not soon.The first, the sound clearly acquired by it, was Oh, it followed And, three others presented much more difficulties, and long time it confused them.

When water

The last excite secretion of a pancreas glands also stimulate an intestines vermicular movement.Coffee acorn Coffee acorn h.a spoon, milk glasses, water glasses, sugar h.spoons.To pour acorn coffee into ware with the boiling water and to stir.When water with coffee will begin to boil.to remove from fire and to allow to be defended.Then to merge coffee broth through gauze or small sieve in a pan with hot milk then to add h.

Sum sum sum, on bushes

Following the adults speak again true chistogovorki.WL WL WL, climb a fence cannot.WL WL WL, strawberries have not.Say of SAI of say, we visited the Museum.Say of SAI of say, do not like going to a Museum.Sum sum sum, on bushes growing raisins.Sum sum sum, the shop raisins.SIMA SIMA SIMA, in the winter day was cold Kuzma.SIMA SIMA SIMA, on a summer day was cold Kuzma.Zin Zin Zin, mom walks into the store.Zin Zin Zin, zebras go to the store.Green, green, green, became horned my goat.

Listen pairs

THE SECOND STAGE THE DISTINCTION OF THE SOUNDS OF W IN THE OFFERS AND COHERENT SPEECH Differentiation of sounds W, compiled by reference to the words Take pictures of the boy and girl from Annex .Give them names with sounds Ze W Zahar, Angela, Zhenya, Zoe, Zara and other.Listen pairs of words and make them the proposals.For example George entered the room and shook hands with his friend Zachary.Hall shook.Carry will tell.Goat stozhok.Chewed yawned.PAL peephole.

Have to be the main

Control of food, amount of the drunk liquid is exercised, weight curve, chair.At a hypotrophy of the I degree the volume of food is reduced on ??from due volume on day.At a hypotrophy II and III degrees to ?from due volume for days.The missing quantity of food is replaced with % solution glucose.Have to be the main food or women's milk, or the adapted dairy mixes.After the period of adaptation of children transfer to food with protein content to gkg, carbohydrates to gkg, fats , gkg of the actual weight.

Perhaps, you remember

Before being indignant concerning actions of the child, remind to yourself that you in the childhood had similar difficulties, and still you as that managed to mature.Tell yourself that at the child too everything can turn out, despite failure of system.Perhaps, you remember some history from the childhood and will tell it to the child.Here, for example, Peg's history I remember how mother told that brothers literally dragged it to the grandmother when that read up to them Genzel and Gretel .

But there

In the early childhood if the chestvo of synapses is much more, than at adult age about A G a lava .Why the capable child such scattered?one quadrillion.If development of gray substance proceeded in such speed, the brain of the adult would be enormous.But there is the return about tsess.Increase in volume of gray substance neurons and especially Sinop owls the neuron reaches peak before five years of the child, and then number ny communications it is gradually reduced.Thanks to gradual reduction of number not used by it ronny communications intellectual skills become stronger.

From a pipette

Not urgent assistance is not required , except high fever in infants and severe pain with draining pus.What to do before the arrival of the doctor Bury the child's ear warm alcohol solution % boric acid times in day.Lower the pipette in a glass of hot water on a few seconds then quickly dial heated pipette boric acid.From a pipette it warm.Place the child on his side and drip into the ear drops of solution depending on age.Put your ear compress with camphor oil for hours, it is better to sleep .

What to do with

Possibly, it has problems with working memory.If apple of discord between you and the daughter her untidy room and to you seems that it always ro it etsyatsya in the backpack in search of missing notebooks or textbooks, most likely, it difficult is given selforganization.What to do with weaknesses?In part III we in detail to a razba rhemes also we will tell each organizational skill about work strategy with them.Perhaps, you will want to pass to heads where describe at once sya weaknesses especially if at you are difficulties with zaderzh which reactions see chapter .

Under mount

Ponravit been rhyming sauce.In motley jacket muhomor gets out into the open.In the garden Yegor two red tomato.All beavers good, Yes good so far.Past the old courtyard was held tractor.So Tamara go a couple, orderlies so Tamara.Don't be scared, take it easy, it's just a Sparrow.Rhino horn butt, do not vex Rhino.Under mount Ararat grows large grapes.Asks Sparrow crow call of the tiger to the phone.Sooner sooner we get up, loud mom we call.Early, early, early in the morning my hands I under the tap.

Only seeing

.Scheme of fairy story Alenka was afraid of the dark.Stayed at home on the night of the Willow nochkoy.Everywhere burning light.Ivanushka was wounded with a knife, Alyonushka frightened, she ran across the field after doctor.Only seeing doctors back, noticed that it is not afraid of the dark.The principle of the solution Ousted another fear.Suddenness.For some smaller..Scheme of fairy story Mom left the boy a chicken one night.He who was mutilla, dressed, and went to tell my grandmother.

To grease

On the middle of forcemeat to put small cut eggs and to strew them with green onions, from above a thin layer to lay fried carrots.Then to zashchipnut roll, having connected edges of a towel, and to shift roll seam down on the frying pan oiled.To grease roll with the sour cream pounded with egg and butter to pin in several places a fork, that not cracked.To add to a frying pan of a little hot water and to put in an oven for minutes, watering with hot water from a frying pan from time to time.

Even when

Having struck in one of hand bells in the first row, the child has to find the corresponding sound in the second row.This exercise presents a great difficulty as the child is not able to strike always with by identical force and to make the sounds varying in force.Even when the teacher strikes hammer, children hardly find a difference in a sound.It seems to us that this tool in the to external form it is hardly especially practical.We apply Pizzoliyeva to recognition of sounds a series of whistles; for recognition shades of noise the boxes filled with substances more or less small from sand undertake to pebble.

Reduce complexity

It is possible to explain to the child that from him expected and as to achieve it.For example, photograph the end result a pure bedroom, the nursery, etc.together to compare its work to the photo.Teenagers for the organization of tasks or the planning to a vra to exchange can already use pocket personal kompyyu shooting gallery.Reduce complexity of activity or an event.Children, which it is heavy to operate emotions, flexibility or a delay reak tion, quite often suffer in difficult social situations, napr measures with participation of many people or indistinct rules.

Can the same

And the kid also want to have a house is a small and cosy.With place the chairs and fling the top cover.Can the same house to arrange under the low table.Play with the baby in the tag.As soon as the baby you get in the house and say, one, two, three!, you progra Lee.Game develops imagination and creates good at structure.Bunny and cabbage The baby is becoming more independent, and thus cheat, you can give him complete freedom in stanyovci.Read the poem, and that kid who invented no need movement.

In my method

And really, time the child himself brings up himself, and control and the amendment are given in a didakticha sky material, the teacher needs only to observe.Now it already more psychologist, than teacher, and here proof of importance of scientific training of the teacher.In my method the teacher teaches a little and observes much.Its main task on pravlyat mental activity of children and their physiological development.For this reason I the head mistress, the conductress replaced the name teacher with the word.

· What lies

· What lies in his bag?Why?· How best to attach birdhouses for the trees?· What kind of house brought two boys?· Why did the boy, standing on the stairs, shows on the tree?· He could be confused hive?· What the hive?· Hang whether its on the tree?Why?· What the boy on the stairs can ask children?· What two boys can tell a man the first time sees the hive?INAPPROPRIATE ITEMS To think and to explain what should be in the room and what not.

But that

In each of them she had seen his own otra a provision.Where are you from above poured divine music, and Zhem cugina started to dance with her charming the mistress.But that was not all on the front of it was waiting for a cascade with such events dinners and suppers, travel, and finally, sea walks on the yacht!What is elegant and beautiful life!glad Pearl.Then I knowingly risked then, no wonder so many have suffered!After hearing the story, Yaki raised a poster with the inscription I am for a rich man!

You can start

For fairy tales should be some reasonable basis.You can start the tale words one of my friend de wacky on the window sill stood exactly the same flower., I have a friend of a storyteller who invented the continuation of the tale Ki such as puss in boots.or this morning I saw on TV.Then tells the story or content transfer, you kind of looked morning.If the tale is told confidentially, relaxed and it had were reasonable grounds that the child will listen, that is, just as we would like..


Who are you?I asked.Stargazer with Capricious planet before was asked the old man.Stargazer with Capricious planet?I was surprised and felt like my a momentary chill.What do you doing here?Looking for a someone who is capricious, tiredly said the astrologer and asked, don't know if I where in our city live naughty girls and boys.Of course, I immediately thought of one girl, but was not to talk about the Astrologer.Instead asked why he is looking for naughty children.Stargazer sighed loudly and began his story High high in the sky for big and bright stars rotates small planet.

Burns, second

The wound may be washed with a solution furatsilina.Burns, second and third degree .Calm and cheer your child .Remove or cut clothes , so as not from the to dirt stuck tissue from a wound.Make sure the airway child free, check his breathing and krooom treatment.If necessary, make art the divine breath , heart lung, reani the information or stop the bleeding.If the child has received extensive burns , about believe it if it's got a shock .In this case, Oka zweite shock set it and legs up to the height of to cm; if you suspect a head injury , neck, back or leg , just lay the baby on more convenient.


Also here belong selfchecking and on selfassessment vyk for example, by means of questions to itself As I consult?or As I am a spra curled?The small child can from to menit behavior in response to re action of the adult.Teenager spo soben to trace and critically to estimate the progress, to improve results, watching those who reached bigger in this sphere It becomes visible when the child starts going.Flexibility look on in reaction of the child to changes also appears between m and m me syaets of life.

In the sky the clouds! The wind

What are you, the wind, have done?Angry, came running, What are you in the sky made?Clouds mixed.From curly clouds Where the pictures?Where the river?Made of fish, cows, elephants.In the sky the clouds!The wind can be seen, not heard, The wind out of patience left, the Sun across the sky walked, The sun in the lake dropped, Whispered it is time to Sleep!And gone until the morning.Differentiation of sounds L L P R in riddles Listen and guess riddles.

Turn out preparation

Sew are quite thick mi threads that kept more strong.From dense fabric find two rectangles of an odin the kovy size has to be located on a rectangle with SI luet firtrees.To one of them tack a firtree wrong side to the person fabrics also pristrochit a zigzag on edge a firtree.The second prya mougolnik apply the face to the face firtrees, combining edges of rectangular details.Sostrochite three seam lateral and lower.Turn out preparation on the front party.At you has to a certain similarity of a bag with a neosconce will turn out botanny upper edge and firtree in front.


At first parents reminded Jack of tasks, you giving the timer.He wanted to trace independently time before performance tasks.Parents agreed.As additional incentive for that, that Jack within five days will start performance in time for tributes, he will receive a bonus and can refuse one of tasks per day.If he does not get to work within two minutes after a signal thaw measure, he will have to postpone all affairs, will not perform a task yet.At first parents sometimes reminded the boy that it is time to begin work, time the timer rang out.

When children

I do not want to tell that it is not necessary for fryobelevsky materials at all to use no, both of these systems have to intertwine between themselves with gradual transition from free individual application of subjects of Montessori besides use sort large fryobelevsky gifts especially the second, third and fourth.When children are are prepared for it, it is possible to begin more formal work with gifts.In the second year work with fryobelevsky gifts has to prevail, but also Montessori's exercises are not excluded absolutely.

I would be happy

I would be happy if they were able to convince the parents that the children need are friends and allies that they, as the air needed our love, understanding and acceptance that each child is unique, is a full person and deserves the best.And I will be happy if now my young colleagues psycho logs, working with children will speak with me this prayer Teach Me, O Lord, stay calm at the event, I can give me the strength to intervene in the event, I subservient, and the wisdom to know how to distinguish the one from the other.

Jake, in the upset

in a panic he asks the father with charge of a voice.Not in SI la to constrain irritation and to keep silent, the father with sarcasm declares that, probably, put on them work.Jake, in the upset feelings, speaks The trainer will kill me.I will not be able to play today.The father says to it that Chapter .Improvement of working memory they will try to think up something.Before game the trainer is dissatisfied Jake also says that that will not be able to participate in a match.

He is big, Krasi

Are you going to kindergarten wash, do exercises, Breakfast, and then suddenly you see on the clock, it was time to go, and start to rush.Then run to not late in the kindergarten classes.You're on the beach you are building a sand castle.He is big, Krasi new, unusual.Suddenly rolls huge wave and wash your castle.You terribly upset.You rush in mo re quickly and quickly drift away from the shore.Soon you uspos taivaassa, turn back and return to shore.

To lay out stuffings

a spoon, milk tablespoon, green onions, salt to taste.To stir eggs with milk and salt.To kindle oil, to pour out mix and to give to be baked.To strew with green onions.Omelet with a stuffing Egg pieces, milk glass, a flour glasses, oil h.spoon.Stuffing vegetables, meat, sausage, cheese, cottage cheese, fruit, jam.To prepare an omelet.To lay out stuffings and to turn a tubule or a triangle.If prepare an omelet with a sweet stuffing, add to it a little sugar.Omelet with a nettle Egg piece, nettle leaves g, water g, vegetable oil g.

In the present

In recent years the number of children with the lowered continues to increase intelligence.In the world, according to the World Health Organization WHO, about % children aged from till years have this or that degree of the intellectual backwardness.From them million suffer from deep intellectual backwardness.In the present a number of states which form high risk is defined developments of intellectual insufficiency.Treat them asphyxia asthma and a trauma in childbirth; neuroinfection; giperbilirubinemiya of newborns; insufficient receipt with food of protein, vitamins, irreplaceable essentsialny microcells; social deprivation deprivation of parental care, caress.


Consolidation pronunciation sound CAMPING at the beginning, middle and end the words.The formation of skills of a sound analysis Display images from Annex .Clearly, highlighting the sound CAMPING, tell everyone object to times.If the image is named correctly, set it aside.Pictures, named errors, putting the stack.Again pronounce the words clearly and loudly to times.Consolidation pronunciation sound CAMPING in words various syllabic structure.The formation of skills sound syllabic analysis Display images from Annex and syllabic trailers of Annex .

The most

Surely the vegetables, fruit and berries containing food fibers join cellulose which slow down assimilation in an organism of simple carbohydrates, reducing glycemic index, as a result the content of glucose of blood after their reception changes slightly.The assessment is developed for simplification of selection of products by drawing up a diet on carbohydrates, proteins and fats.The most important is the assessment of structure products on carbohydrates.For convenience the amount of carbohydrates is measured in highcalorie equivalents the grain units GU.

Game develops

Show pussy.On Casali?What a clever!Very soon the child to the questions says kitty dog, mouse?will answer with pleasure.Game develops thinking, coordination, speech.From year to eighteen months Ku ku!Play with the baby in hide and seek.Cover your face hand mi, and then open and say, Ku ku!Can Zack to dig a face towel.The baby will also like it if you can hide behind the Cabinet, and then look over there and tell already on understandable him Ku ku!Close to the baby's face with his hands, and then from croute Ku ku!

He tool did not get. GOOD

At the beginning

All winter he asked parents to buy it a snowboard, but not a usual board, but professional, the most expensive.PART II.We LAY the STRONG FOUNDATION When Logan only passed into middle classes, his parents began bespo to koitsya about its relation to school.They are afraid that it is indifferent to study, despite the progress and desire to get to higher education institution therefore decide that is necessary to give it motivation.At the beginning of the eighth class they decide to talk with sy number about the fears.They understand Logan the active guy, which does not like to sit over textbooks.

A From the point

a From the point of view of acquisition of the modern language having huge social value on to comparison with articulate language of the savage; this cultural value also admits for letters ache the speech in which train at schools regardless of oral speech, only in types of supply the member of society the necessary tool for its intercourses with others.b From the point of view of communication between the graphic and articulate speech and possibilities of a utiliza to rovat written language for improvement of the oral; this new point I would like podcherk chickpea as it attaches to written language physiological significance.

Stick the stuck

Teach the kid slopes to vat sausages and balls.Stick the stuck together sausages on paper just like that and on the drawn you subject pictures paths and so on, to vleplyayta in the plasticine smeared on a piece of cardboard various small subjects beads, beads, buttons; paper clips; grain and makaronina; sticks, matches; small stones, skorlupk from nuts, other natural material; wire, strings, fabric slices.Draw on the plasticine smeared on carat I sink, matches, sticks, old a pencil mi.

Dokorm enter

DOKORM Dokorm the auxiliary view of food given to the child of the first year of life being on natural breastfeeding at the insufficient amount of the milk developed by chest glands of mother.In a role dokorma products of a phytogenesis act or specialized dairy mixes most often adapted.Dokorm enter to the child if mother has an insufficient amount of milk, but not earlier the th day from the moment of statement of the official diagnosis.Deficiency breast milk gipogalaktiya in relation to daily need of the child it is possible to divide conditionally into degrees as a percentage the st degree %, the nd degree %, the rd degree %, the th degree more than %.


What I would add to the beans?Salt, salt, salt, salt.Consolidation pronunciation With sound in words.The development of memory and logical thinking Display pictures of Annex .Distribution by groups animals, plants, means of transport, household items, etc.Look at the pictures from one group and try to remember as many words as possible.Then turn to the picture back and clearly, highlighting voice sound, call the object from memory.Consolidation pronunciation With sound in combinations of words with the pretext Take pictures of the boy and girl from Annex .

Show how to trace

Two and a half to three years Learn to draw Buy or make cardboard templates from path mi friends baby items, for example silhouette mi animals and birds.Show how to trace the pattern.When the baby learns to trace a continuous line, PE rejoice to the picture drawn by the dotted line.Game develops coordination of the movements of the eyes and hands, helps to learn how to draw.Two and a half to three years mom shopping Before you go with the baby in the store, make the shopping list.Let the kid suggests that needs but to buy.Ask him look, look, bread there?

As a rule, by three

The filler needs to be put in it in advance, after all to change it, without having sorted all design, will be not perhaps.In such bottle coins well ring.On the same framework it is possible to hang up on ve from all directions revka different toys and subjects.As a rule, by three months any baby well himself holds a head, can raise it from a prone position on a stomach.Some kids in this age are already able to rise on elbows and some time to lie thus, depending on the parties.


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